Affordable Continuous Cast
Billets and Blooms

Billets and blooms in hot rolled finish used pre-dominantly by forging and rolling mill companies

Continuous casting of steel is a process in which liquid steel is continuously solidified into a strand of metal. Depending on the dimensions of the strand, these semi-finished products are called slabs, blooms or billets. It is a feed material for rolling of steel in light section mills, bar mills, and wire rod mills. Steel billets are used in forging of certain products as well as re-rolling, hot forging and ring rolling applications.

Supply conditions

Spot ground or fully ground condition (as per request).
Length up to 8.5 meters with saw end cuts.
Suitable for forging, re-rolling, ring rolling & up-setting
Marked with heat number, grade, size & weight
Grade confirmation through PMI testing with handheld spectrometer.
Free from radioactive elements, mercury & lead contamination


Re-rolling, hot forging and ring rolling applications

Size Range

SizeShapeWeight (Kg/Mtr)
100 mm X 100 mmSquare75
120 mm x 120 mmSquare112
140 mm x 140 mmSquare152
160 mm x 160 mmSquare200
200 mm x 200 mmSquare312
250 mmRound380
300 mmRound560
280mm x 140 mmRectangular305
300 mm x 160 mmRectangular375
220 mm x 250 mmRectangular430
300 mm x 300 mmSquare700
300 mm x 400 mmRectangular940