High Toughness Duplex Steels
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Duplex steel bars have enormous hardness making them the first choice for applications that need strength

Duplex stainless steels are called "duplex" because they have a two-phase microstructure consisting of grains of ferritic and austenitic stainless steel. This structure provides a unique set of benefits.


Duplex stainless steels are about twice as strong as regular austenitic or ferritic stainless steel.

Corrosion resistance

As with all stainless steels, corrosion resistance depends mostly on the composition of the stainless steel. The composition of this steel makes it better at resisting corrision.

Toughness and ductility

Duplex stainless steel has significantly better toughness and ductility than ferritic grades.


Steel grade1.43071.4404904L1.44622205


Grade No.Yield strength (Rp 0.2%) (Min)UTS (Mpa)(Min)UTS (Mpa)(Max)% Elongation (Min)% Reduction area (Min)Hardness (BHN) (Max)
UNS S3180344862025290
UNS S3220545065525290


StandardGradeC %Si %Mn %P %S %Cr %Mo %Ni (Max)Cu %N2 (Max)W %
ASTM A 182F-510.03120.030.0221-232.5-3.54.5-6.50.08-0.20
ASTM A 182F-600.03120.030.0222-233.0-3.54.5-6.50.14-0.2
ASTM A 182F-530.
ASTM A 182F-550.03110.030.0124-263-56.0-8.00.5-1.00.2-0.30.5 – 1.0
ASTM A 276UNS S322050.03120.030.0222-233.0-3.54.5-6.50.14-0.2
ASTM A 276UNS S318030.03120.030.0221-232.5-3.54.5-6.50.08-0.20
ASTM A 276UNS S327600.03120.030.0221-232.5-3.54.5-6.50.08-0.20
ASTM A 240UNS S327500.
DIN EN 10088-31.44620.03120.0350.01521-232.5-3.54.5-6.50.1-0.22
DIN EN 10088-31.44600.05120.0350.0325-281.3-2.04.5-6.50.05-0.2
EN 100951.48210.1-0.20.8-1.520.040.01524.5-26.53.5-5.50.11
DIN EN 10088-31.44100.03120.0350.01524-263.0-4.56.0-8.00.24-0.35
DIN EN 10088-31.45010.030110.0350.01524-263.0-4.06.0-8.00.5-1.00.20-0.300.5-1.0


Structural design components
Storage and exchange equipment (High pressure, saline applications)
Heat exchangers
Aerospace, Pulp and Paper industry