Ingots that become the raw material for several processors all over the world

Ingots are available in weight up to 22 metric tons. They are available in square, octagonal and round shapes. They are supplied in spot grinded or fully grinded conditions with cropped ends. They are used in open die hot forging,re-rolling and ring rolling.

Supply conditions

Ingots are supplied in spot grinded or fully grinded condition
Cropped ends
Free from surface defects or cracks
Ingots are supplied with smooth ends
Grade Confirmation through PMI testing with Handheld Spectrometer.
Every piece is marked with heat number, grade, size and weight
Free from radioactive elements, mercury & lead contamination.


Open die hot forgings, re-rolling and ring rolling

Mould Size Details

Drawing No.TypeMould size (inches)Mould size (mm)Ingot weight (kg)Mould drawings
LSL/MLD/003SQUARE9″X10.5″X54″230 X 270 X 1370650Download
LSL/MLD/004SQUARE10″X12″X52″250 X 305 X 1320815Download
LSL/MLD/005SQUARE11″X13″X52″ (Open Bor)280 X 330 X 1320950Download
LSL/MLD/006FLUTED13″X15″X62″330 X 380 X 15751150Download
LSL/MLD/007SQUARE13″X15″X62″ (Open Bor)330 X 380 X 15751550Download
LSL/MLD/008SQUARE14″X17″X72″355 X 430 X 18302050Download
LSL/MLD/009SQUARE16.5″X20″X65″420 X 510 X 16502550Download
LSL/MLD/010FLUTED18″X21″X67″455 X 530 X 17002300Download
LSL/MLD/011FLUTED21″X23″X67″530 X 585 X 17003400Download
LSL/MLD/012SQUARE20″X24″X73″510 X 610 X 18554100Download
LSL/MLD/013FLUTED23″X27″X70″585 X 685 X 17805100Download
LSL/MLD/014FLUTED26″X31X62″685 X 760 X 15756100Download
LSL/MLD/015FLUTEDM-9 (31.5X38X73)800 X 965 X 185510100Download
LSL/MLD/016FLUTEDM-13(38X47X70)965 X 1195 X 178014500Download
LSL/MLD/017FLUTEDM-18 (42.5X52.5X87.5)1080 X 1330 X 222020000Download

Round Moulds

Drawing No.TypeMould size (inches)Mould size (mm)Ingot weight (kg)Mould drawings
LSL/MLD/018ROUND12-4/5″ X 12-4/5″ X 98-1/2″325 X 325 X 25001600Download
LSL/MLD/019ROUND16″ X 16″ X 92″400 X 400 X 23002000Download
LSL/MLD/020ROUND20″ X 20″ X 80″500 X 500 X 20003750Download
LSL/MLD/021ROUND24″ X 24″ X 92″600 X 600 X 23005600Download
LSL/MLD/022ROUND16″ X 16″ X 160″400 X 400 X 40003800Download
LSL/MLD/023ROUND20″ X 20″ X 160″500 X 500 X 40006160Download