Quality hot rolled round bars

Hot rolled bars for applications that need the properties of stainless steel without the cold finishing or brignt supply condition

Hot rolled round bars are generally used in the applications like construction, where finish and precise dimensions aren't a priority. They go through various heat treatment processes such as soft annealing, solution annealing, spheroidized annealing, oil & water quenching, tempering and normalizing. They are essential in fabrication, manufacturing and repair.

Size range

16mm – 115mm (5/8″ – 4-1/2″)


Supply conditions

LengthUp to 8 meters
Hot rolled (black) surface
100% Ultrasonically tested
Spot grinded
Cold sawable
100% material identity tested through handled spectrometer
Free from radioactive elements, mercury and lead contamination
Heat treatment Soft Annealing, Solution Annealing, Spheroidized Annealing, Oil & Water Quenching, Tempered & Normalized
Grade confirmation through PMI testing with the handheld spectrometer.