Best Quality
Hot Rolled Round Corner Square

Hot rolled RCS (round corner square ) used by forging companies for making flanges and fittings

These are created with free of surface defects/cracks as well as they have uniform internal structure, which is an absolute requirement while producing drop forged parts in the automotive industry. The radius edge also creates a safety feature by eliminating sharp edges.

Size range

45 RCS55 RCS63 RCS75 RCS
80 RCS90 RCS95 RCS100 RCS

Supply conditions

LengthUp to 8 meters
Heat treatmentSoft annealing, solution annealing
Hot rolled (black) surface
100% ultrasonically tested
Spot grinded or fully grinded surface
Free of surface defects/cracks & cold sawable
Grade confirmation through PMI testing with handheld spectrometer.
Free from radioactive elements, mercury & lead contamination.