Cutting edge technology
gives us an edge

At Gopal Group, you will only find the best in terms of infrastructure. It is one of the most technologically advanced stainless steel manufacturing company in India. It utilizes a wide range of modern steel manufacturing techniques and accurate melting statistics along with stringent monitoring processes.

The state-of-the-art machinery provides the group with the capacity and flexibility to produce everything from unalloyed constructional steels to the highest alloyed tool steels.

Cutting edge equipments like Spectrometers, Ultrasonic testers, Hardness testers, Wet labs for chemical testing, Physical testing and Radioactivity testing machines, enable the hawk-eyed professionals to strictly monitor each outcome, to ensure that, "The products always exceed customer's expectations".

The Manufacturing Process

In-House Steel Melting Shop

Precise control over purity & mechanical values

  • We produce high-quality Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Billets & Blooms in our advanced steel melting shop.
  • We employ a range of modern steel making technologies. Every batch is monitored and recorded by a robust production control system with precise melting data. We ensure tight adherence to special material properties.
  • Electric Melting Furnaces – 140,000 metric ton capacity per annum.
  • Argon-Oxygen Decarburization (A.O.D) converter with the automatic gas mixing station.
  • LRF (Ladle Refining Furnace).
  • VD/VOD (Vacuum Degassing / Vacuum Oxygen Decarburizer).
  • Cored Wire Injector.
  • Billet / Bloom / Round Twin-strand continuous caster of 9/16 meter radius, PLC Operated with Mould Electro Magnetic Stirrer (M-EMS)
  • Bottom Poured Ingot Casting up to 22 M.T.

Advance Hot Rolling Mills

Our steel shapes up with precision and accuracy in our robust rolling lines

  • Our infrastructure gives us top productivity and perfection, thereby giving perfect results. Depending on the product and dimensions we can roll steel with consistency.
  • 20″ – 5 stand Semi-automatic cross-country mill equipped with descaler.
  • 12″ – 6 stand Semi-automatic cross- country mill equipped with descaler.
  • 16″-1 stand,12″-5 stands semi automatic cross country mill.
  • Billet reheating pusher type furnace,Gas fired Billet-reheating pusher furnace.
  • Online hot saw a cutting facility.
  • Descaler facility

Heat Treatment Facilities

Our specially designed heat treatment furnace can treat bars up to 7 meters

  • Our PLC controlled heat treatment furnaces give us precise control over temperature and cycles. With better control comes higher consistency and thereby excellent mechanical properties. We have furnaces and quenching tanks for rods and bars, tailor-made for optimum efficiency.
  • For martensitic steels, heat treatment hardens the steel.
  • By accurate heat treatment, we relieve these residual tensile stresses.
  • Oil fired soft annealing furnace of 30 mt capacity.
  • Gas fired PLC controlled soft annealing furnace of 35 mt. capacity
  • State of the art PLC controlled solution annealing furnace assisted with water & oil quenching tanks for solution annealing, hardening & tempering.
  • Special heat treatment for spheroidized annealing and ISO thermal annealing.
  • Quenching & Tempering as per QT700, QT800, QT850, QT900 & QT950 H1150, H1100, H1075, H1025, 1150M, 1150D.

Cold Finishing Facility

Wide tolerance range, sizes and finishing options

  • We produce bright bars and precision shaft quality bars thanks to our precise and versatile automatic bar processing and finishing lines.
  • Bar peeling automatic line.
  • Bar polishing automatic line.
  • Belt polishing machines.
  • Centerless grinding machines.
  • Combined wire drawing machines.
  • Bar straightening machines.
  • Section straightening machines.
  • Section polishing machines.
  • Chamfering automatic machines.
  • Grit polishing machine.
  • Automatic draw benches.
  • Band saw cutting machines.
  • Shot blasting line.

Angles & Flat Bar Division

Our Robust rolling lines add precision & accuracy in steel

  • Shot blasting.
  • Pickling facility.
  • Heat treatment furnaces.
  • Laser printing as per grade & size.

Packaging Division

Our Carefully Processed material are packed to offer Security, Protection for High Seas & Surface transport

  • Packing in bundles of 500 – 1000kgs (1000 – 2000 lbs) covered with HDPE/LDPE with two lifting slings on each bundle.
  • In wooden boxes (Complying to ISPM 15 standard) of 500 – 1000 kgs (1000 – 2000lbs) with two lifting sling on each box.
  • Bars are also packed in fiber tube packing. Customized packing is also available.
  • Bundle is marked with the heat number, grade, size, net weight and gross weight.