Precision quality Bars

Stainless steel precision bars for applications that require the highest level of machinability and ovality

Due to the high resistance to corrosion, machinability and high strength, precision quality bars are generally used in pump shafts, piston shafts, cylinder shafts, valve shafts, boat shafts, bearing bars etc. To add strength, toughness and other material properties they go through soft annealing, solution annealing, quenching, and tempering.

Our precision bars are regularly used in:

  • Pump shafts
  • Cylinder shafts
  • Boat shafts
  • Piston shafts
  • Valve shafts
  • Bearing bars

Size range

6mm – 75mm (1/4″ – 3″)

Supply conditions

Length3 to 6 meters
Tolerancesh7, h8, h9, j6, f7, f8
Straightness0.5 mm per meter
Heat treatmentsSoft annealing, solution annealing, quenching & tempering
Free from radioactive elements, mercury & lead contamination.